A String of Pearls

There was a woman coming to my class, week after week wearing a necklace made of fresh water pearls. Each time when she moved her body, those beautiful round stones were reflecting the light in the most mesmerising colours of the rainbow. While teaching, I cought myself few times looking and admiring this beautiful string of pearls.

Once, it happened suddenly, without any warning sign whatsoever. As I gave an instruction for every one of us graciously to move from one asana to the ‘warrior’, and when we all simultaneously exhaled our negative energies out, the woman’s pearls went flying high up in the air towards the ceiling, spreading out across the room, bouncing off the floor and eventually landing elegantly occupying every corner of the studio. We all stood still in our ‘warriors’, frozen in time, surprised and fascinated in the same time. Nevertheless, we become amused by the whole event and overwhelmed by the pearls moving rapidly and freely, falling onto the wooden boards, bouncing off several times creating enchanting sound until each and every one came to a full stop.

I have never imagined this ‘warrior’ asana to be so mystical, so powerful, to hold such a hidden energy of distraction. Infact, I have never imagined it to have such a control over people and events, feelings and thoughts with intention to make them change. Its power had a will to liberate these gems from the cord of formality, allowing them to once again be part of the whole.

Now every time I teach ‘warrior’ I remind myself of those beautiful pearls and their symbolic meaning that we humans love to put nature into a controlled environment. However, soon or a later, natural forces are fighting back, expressing their power, their suppressed energy at the most unexpected time and place, leaving us fascinated almost hypnotised….If I may to compare these pearls with volcano eruptions, tornados and tsunamis randomly appearing around the globe, one can not but notice that these great forces of nature innevitably are happening for a reason, to put an end to an existence of something made long time ago, something stale, something no longer interesting, with the intention to evoke the beginning of the end… M