A Beautiful Stranger


I walked down the cobblestone paved path and turned left into a tiny alleyway. Walked towards the river and noticed less and less people around. In fact, all of a sudden the familiar city buzz and noise faded away in the distance. Instead, all I could hear were footsteps behind me. Although I wore headphones, steady, confident footsteps were all I could hear. I could sense his presence behind me. And indeed I was right. I turned around and saw him standing still with his backpack proudly perched on his back. I walked forward few more meters and turned back. He did the same. I refused to take notice of his intention to approach me. Instead, holding my breath I took the phone out of my pocket. I stared at it, like it is an alien object. I saw my reflection on its screen. My face had a happy glow and had a soft smile in the corner of my lips. My hand was trembling. I failed to consider this segment as something significant and instead of making an attempt to call someone for help, I slid my camera open and started taking photos of the century old stone bridge! I could not move. I felt frozen in time. I felt like I don’t have strength and that my feet are buried underneath the ground.

– ‘Would you do me a favour and look after my backpack for few minutes?’ – His voice was mellow and his accent was ever so sweet.
I nodded and continued taking photos of the bridge and the monumental buildings behind.

He was gone, but all was left to linger around was his blue backpack leaning on my feet. It had lots of fabric country flags attached onto its surface. I started pointing to those flags I can recognise: Spain, Canada, India, France, Holland, Croatia, Italy, Russia, China, Sweden, Brazil….And there were lots more, including many other unfamiliar to my eye. The fabric flags looked vibrant, bringing great interest by simply making such a stunning contrast with its simple blue backdrop. The energy and the events unfolding out of the bag were stronger then the wind on this chilly wintery afternoon. In that instant, I forgot where I was, as I got transported to a different places all at once.

– ‘Thank you for being my angel guardian!’ – that same voice brought me back to reality! ‘You might want to drink this before you get stone cold out here’! – without a hint of hesitation I took the cup and started drinking the warmth out of it. While I was consuming the syrupy beverage I was experiencing melting sensation inside. I felt wonderful! I felt inspired! I felt powerful without weightiness and limitations. Only when I gathered my senses I smiled at this beautiful stranger standing in front of me, thanked him and walked away!

Walking back to the office I tried to think of this encounter as a note to act upon, but I could not get anything right. I tried desperately to put all details in place but none of the pieces matched. His features got hazy, his body distant, his radiance blurry, and his backpack dispersed leaving all the fabric flags scattered around, tailing off in a beautiful, bursting with colour trail behind. After all, a warm drink and inspired heart is all I had left to remind me of an encounter that it wasn’t a dream after all…M

Stripy Stunner

This morning, among my other letters in the post, I have received a report from WWF. This is the first update of 2012 about my adopted tigress Kamrita. She is a Bengal tiger and lives in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The Chitwan National Park apparently covers an area of around 932sq km. Being responsible for this vast area is really a challenge to rangers, who have a lot of ground to cover. Also, they are faced with the biggest challenge ever, to stay vigilant against the ever present threat of poaching.

In this issue of my tigers report, there are beautiful photos posted of Kamrita and her 3 years old daughter called Ranu. These pictures were taken by new camera traps carefully positioned across the park. Thankfully to such an equipment I am now able to see these gorgeous looking animals in their natural habitat, living and breeding freely.

However, each and every tiger is rising to the challenge each and every day. It stands little chance against poachers intent on killing it for money.

An excerpt from WWF report says:

“we’ve been stepping up our efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade, and you are playing a vital role in fighting it too. Because as well as helping to give tigers a more hopeful future your adoption also supports our wider work to challenge this huge global problem. We couldn’t do it without you.”

Furthermore, they are sending their sincere gratitude that after 109 months, I am still supporting my adopted stripy stunner and her siblings. This in fact is a gift that I am most grateful about.

My dream will become reality if one day I’ll be able to visit the Chitwan National Park and join the team of rangers with hope to see my stripy stunner live…M

Milky Way, All the Way

They say, Milky Way is the Galaxy, which houses our planet Earth. It is a glowing band, white like milk, home to 200-400 billion stars.

Well, like the macro Galaxy, my Milky Way contains 200-400 billion droplets of milk, each and every one responsible for growth. Each droplet means life, survival and existence.

These days I feel, it will be easier for me to take you around the Galaxy and back, to show you how beautiful journey that can be, then to explain how demanding breast feeding can be. Particularly that it can happen day and night, anything from few minutes to few hours. And yet, nobody told me how exhausting and equally how boring process this can be. Whenever I start thinking this way, the following happens:

– “All you career oriented girls, please always remember, it helps bonding with your child”. I can hear Coral’s voice, my midwife, in my head. “Our women”, referring to Caribbean women, “do this so naturally. Can do it anywhere, even on a crowded bus”…oops…

Fine, fine, l decided to compete with every Caribbean mum, and show them how important that is to us, European mums, but avoiding crowded buses if possible… So, I took the plunge, took the bull by it’s horns, as they say, and dived deep into this milky flow state of affairs.

So, now I am questioning, do these Carribean women have tougher ‘mammas’? To me It seams like they might be having a leathery ones. Or maybe their babies have lighter suckle. Whichever way, my reality seem to be grim and mostly unpleasant. So, I felt like a solution was required and like any other modern European mum, went to seek help from www and forums to find some sort of aid to help me compete without giving up. Sure enough, when you are looking for something, you will most definitely find it…Soon after…Eureka…A pure revelation… A solution comes my way. God bless the ‘mammas’ shields…

After few weeks, I was so happilly feeding away, until I went to see Coral once again. After my introduction about my new way of feeding, she did not say much but her face was worth a thousand words. So, in true Carribean spirit I left my shields in my bag temporarely and gave my son a real pleasure.

You may judge me and you may have your own opinion, but trust me I tried and did my best. Realised that administering is not that important after all. Keeping my milky flow running and its nutrients is of a greater importance then giving up and letting Caribbean mammas win over Europeans…M

A String of Pearls

There was a woman coming to my class, week after week wearing a necklace made of fresh water pearls. Each time when she moved her body, those beautiful round stones were reflecting the light in the most mesmerising colours of the rainbow. While teaching, I cought myself few times looking and admiring this beautiful string of pearls.

Once, it happened suddenly, without any warning sign whatsoever. As I gave an instruction for every one of us graciously to move from one asana to the ‘warrior’, and when we all simultaneously exhaled our negative energies out, the woman’s pearls went flying high up in the air towards the ceiling, spreading out across the room, bouncing off the floor and eventually landing elegantly occupying every corner of the studio. We all stood still in our ‘warriors’, frozen in time, surprised and fascinated in the same time. Nevertheless, we become amused by the whole event and overwhelmed by the pearls moving rapidly and freely, falling onto the wooden boards, bouncing off several times creating enchanting sound until each and every one came to a full stop.

I have never imagined this ‘warrior’ asana to be so mystical, so powerful, to hold such a hidden energy of distraction. Infact, I have never imagined it to have such a control over people and events, feelings and thoughts with intention to make them change. Its power had a will to liberate these gems from the cord of formality, allowing them to once again be part of the whole.

Now every time I teach ‘warrior’ I remind myself of those beautiful pearls and their symbolic meaning that we humans love to put nature into a controlled environment. However, soon or a later, natural forces are fighting back, expressing their power, their suppressed energy at the most unexpected time and place, leaving us fascinated almost hypnotised….If I may to compare these pearls with volcano eruptions, tornados and tsunamis randomly appearing around the globe, one can not but notice that these great forces of nature innevitably are happening for a reason, to put an end to an existence of something made long time ago, something stale, something no longer interesting, with the intention to evoke the beginning of the end… M