Picture of Hope

Few months ago I wrote about my adopted stripy stunner. Few days ago I wrote about hope. And this photo taken by WWF sums it all up…M



Stripy Stunner

This morning, among my other letters in the post, I have received a report from WWF. This is the first update of 2012 about my adopted tigress Kamrita. She is a Bengal tiger and lives in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The Chitwan National Park apparently covers an area of around 932sq km. Being responsible for this vast area is really a challenge to rangers, who have a lot of ground to cover. Also, they are faced with the biggest challenge ever, to stay vigilant against the ever present threat of poaching.

In this issue of my tigers report, there are beautiful photos posted of Kamrita and her 3 years old daughter called Ranu. These pictures were taken by new camera traps carefully positioned across the park. Thankfully to such an equipment I am now able to see these gorgeous looking animals in their natural habitat, living and breeding freely.

However, each and every tiger is rising to the challenge each and every day. It stands little chance against poachers intent on killing it for money.

An excerpt from WWF report says:

“we’ve been stepping up our efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade, and you are playing a vital role in fighting it too. Because as well as helping to give tigers a more hopeful future your adoption also supports our wider work to challenge this huge global problem. We couldn’t do it without you.”

Furthermore, they are sending their sincere gratitude that after 109 months, I am still supporting my adopted stripy stunner and her siblings. This in fact is a gift that I am most grateful about.

My dream will become reality if one day I’ll be able to visit the Chitwan National Park and join the team of rangers with hope to see my stripy stunner live…M


Time is slowly bringing my precious day closer. Each morning I wake up questioning are you going to meet me today? Will today be that special day? Will today reveal the moment when we see each other and exchange a smile?
Day goes by and no sign of you…Anticipation is growing, adrenalin is moving with urgent haste and patience thinning slowly.

I don’t want to wait, confused of how you will feel, imagining what you will look like. Will your eyes be smoky green, your hair wavy or maybe you will have dimples on your cheeks…It is just a torture thinking about it. But how could I not think about you when I can feel every move you make, every kick, every hiccup you have, we share the air we breathe and nutrients we eat. We share the same thoughts and energies and we live in the same vibrational world.

You are the world that my mind is spinning around…My little precious one…M