Timeless Treasure

It is nothing special…so they say…As it never really was.

Just an infusion of pure water and some delicate dried herbs. Nothing else. But in fact it makes up for something lots more then that. Like with any given set to experiment with; Everything is nothing. Which means nothing is everything right?

I love being part of this nothing. At all times it brings lightness and joy. It enhances the meaning of the past and brings clarity for the future. It grounds, fulfils, comforts and paints colours into my life. With every sip taken I grow older, wiser, richer, more prepared to live then ever before. And I allow myself to drink endless sips into infinity. Within time it clears my identity. I slowly become everything, without boundaries, without preconceptions, without differences, free from artificial perceptions, pure in the most purest forms of all.

Following one simple rule will help when down, broken or just bored: When the cup is empty, make sure it is clean before filling it up with everything you like and start testing the new beginnings. We all have choices in life and sometimes too many to choose from. It is given upon us to choose what we love doing, sharing and experiencing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming incident and what will help us to decide is letting go off everything, becoming nothing, then slowly evolving into the purest form of ourselves. Only then we are able to see the real self and the world around…M