The Joy of Commuting

Recently my commute to work has become so chaotic due to people behaving inhumane. In fact it can be quite amusing to see people fighting for a space on a train, the excuse they make for being late and all the palava about getting a seat to commute in style.

Although this morning was by no means any different, a woman who decided to occupy the space behind me was going a bit too far. She had a massive hand bag over her shoulder, which was poking my lower back and ribs. I turned round and politely asked her to move it away from my kidneys! She obviously was not happy to be told such a thing and frowned back at me rolling her eyes back and around. Honestly, she looked so silly!

As the train moved slowly on the way to its final destination, this same woman continued now to lean on my back. To make matters worse as she was leaning on me, she was constantly moving. I could only guess that she was putting things in and out of her massive hand bag! After minutes of what it seemed like eternity I turned around and confronted this woman who obviously was not happy to occupy just a space on this packed train, but she wanted to occupy my space too. When I called her a leaner she was offended. When I said maybe she should be more independent in her life rather then leaning on other people she was furious and kept saying “but I do not lean on you!” By way of a monologue then I said: Oh, and what’s this heavy something resting on my back? Oh, its YOU leaning on ME! after which fellow passengers started laughing! How embarrassing! So now all of a sudden our affair became everyone’s affair. And suddenly but ever so subtly more space was created around me. A guy standing next to me moved slightly to his right and I moved towards him in the new space created just for me!

Call it approval or sympathy, you should know that getting a bit more space on trains these days is a complete and utter luxury.

Oh dear, dear! What a journey!..M


Subtle Energy

Today, I went hiking up the mountain. All alone…In fact i was not alone. I had lots of thoughts drowning my consciousness. In practice somehow I always start hiking heavy, carrying lots and lots on my mind but by the end, I become much lighter with a strong sense of clarity, purity and positivity. It always seams easier to reenergise when being surrounded by nature, mountains, trees, snow and ice.

For a moment, I thought of you and instead of looking up into infinity, I looked down. Surprisingly, in-between patches of ice and frozen leaves I saw this beautiful white quartz crystal. Its qualities reminded me of you. It was whiter then the whitest snow, and shinier then the brightest star. I knew I am honoured by your presence. I picked it up. Holding the crystal in my hand I continued climbing up.

Although the weather was crispy cold and the hiking path up the mountain was icy and full of snow, the crystal kept me warm and safe on the journey…M