Divine Flow

A beautiful autumn day. Few weeks after my birthday, and surprisingly October is still showing its smiles. Still generous with its sunshine and warmth, brings enjoyment to spend time outdoors, admiring nature’s stunning display of colours.

‘I will go for yet another endless walk in the forest’, I thought. I dressed up lightly, put my walking boots on and head to the woods with great motivation to explore and share this wonderful time with nature.

Yes, nature and me, ever lasting friendship of two energies interweaven in two different shapes occupying the planet. I walked with great eager to rich the heart of the forest, being aware of no one around me. I somehow wanted to isolate myself from the external noise, from all these people, dogs and horses, which were painting the picture of today. I was not interested in any voices, no sounds were appealing, instead I got fully engaged with my movement, mindfully stepping forward, crashing the leaves underneath my steps. Although, my mind was focusing on the sound underneath my boots, my heart got fed through my eyes. My eyes were looking around and up, absorbing colours, forms and shades. I was firmly walking on earth, but I felt my heart growing happier, feeding with nectar from the air, lifting my soul high up in the skies, giving me ability to liberate from my physical body in order to experience lightness and spaciousness.

With this feeling of lightness and space, I walked across the meadow, greeted by the birds and their enchanting melodies. The ground turned into a soft mattress made of straw, flexibly accepting the weight of my feet and bouncing itself off without hesitation, leaving the ground intact. I looked behind me, and there was no evidence of my presence here, a thought passes through my head. There was no proof that I have walked miles to reach this open space surrounded by trees. I looked around and the view without people, dogs, cyclists, runners, cars, felt so comforting, so peaceful. I felt like I belong here, in this moment in time.

A question appeared from nowhere, asking where I am heading to? And another one followed. What’s my goal today? I shook my head as if to erase these questions. There is no map that I would like to follow today, there is no intention to do anything. Nothing is all I need today. I do not have a compass, gps, neither a mobile phone. I do not posses any strings of attachment to this planet. I am alone, pure, full of energy and peace. I am just a cosmic soul trapped in this physical body…. My endless wonders in the woods are my own time to get lost, to forget my reality and to recharge my solar plexus to feed all my nadis with divine flow. My mind becomes so insignificant here, and my ego is purely lost among these vast spaces.

I came to my favourite place. A young oak tree surrounded by bushes and few other trees dotted around. I hugged my favourite tree. My hands met at the other side of its trunk! It is energising to hug a tree, even to know that it can’t hug you back. But deep inside I know that it can sence my presense, can feel my love radiating from my heart. It can sence my need of comfort, protection and peace. This tree stays still like it does for hundreds of years. It’s roots firmly grounded in the earth, stretching its branches high above reaching towards the skies, enjoys the best of both worlds. I put my ear closer, gently touching its bark as if to hear its life energy flowing through its veins. I looked up and his almost bare branches started swaying from side to side. I recognised the decade old smile, I squeezed his trunk strongly in admiration and acceptance of this smile.

Each time when I am faced with challenges I go back to my special friend, who is bound to be growing at one place only. Who sits and waits patiently for change to arrive, more prepared then ever before to accept it and utterly enjoy it. Each spring it greets the arrival of the new buds. He nurtures them with earthly juices, lovingly protecting them until they develop into leaves. Then he sits back and enjoys their performance, their summers spectacular dance. He looks at his shadow casted on the ground underneath, proud of his appearance and confident of his existence. Then he observes their change of colours, so that eventually he can release one by one to slowly gravitate towards the ground. Eventually, each one of those leaves, become an integral part of the earth, feeding back its nutrients to nourish and support yet another precious new life. And the cycle of creation and destruction goes on and on, year after year.

Tears were drawn to my eyes. Sad thought overwhelmed my being. While its leaves will appear next spring, more beautiful then ever before, my youth will never come back, it can never be re-lived. With each new experience we grow stronger, and indeed we grow older. Each spring we face new challenges, more complex then ever before. Our bodies go through changes, constantly evolving, we grow spiritually, mindfully stepping forward, becoming wiser and stronger.

We meet people, we share similar aspirations, we share time together, we fall in love and eventually we get hurt. We learn from this painful experience, we step back until we recover and when we feel ready we reach out and we find someone or something as another source of inspiration, and the cycle goes on and on, year after year. All this has been made possible because we are humans, we have emotions and would love to share our time on Earth with someone special….with endless curiousity of what life will bring to us next….M