Timeless Treasure

It is nothing special…so they say…As it never really was.

Just an infusion of pure water and some delicate dried herbs. Nothing else. But in fact it makes up for something lots more then that. Like with any given set to experiment with; Everything is nothing. Which means nothing is everything right?

I love being part of this nothing. At all times it brings lightness and joy. It enhances the meaning of the past and brings clarity for the future. It grounds, fulfils, comforts and paints colours into my life. With every sip taken I grow older, wiser, richer, more prepared to live then ever before. And I allow myself to drink endless sips into infinity. Within time it clears my identity. I slowly become everything, without boundaries, without preconceptions, without differences, free from artificial perceptions, pure in the most purest forms of all.

Following one simple rule will help when down, broken or just bored: When the cup is empty, make sure it is clean before filling it up with everything you like and start testing the new beginnings. We all have choices in life and sometimes too many to choose from. It is given upon us to choose what we love doing, sharing and experiencing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming incident and what will help us to decide is letting go off everything, becoming nothing, then slowly evolving into the purest form of ourselves. Only then we are able to see the real self and the world around…M


Big Mr Moonshine

– Isn’t there anything else to watch? You have seen it a million times…- so she asked and shut the door loudly behind her as she left the room.

I just watched again one of my must see movies…and can watch it again and again whenever I feel like it. I love it because it talks about simple people with big dreams. Although some are attainable, others can never be achieved. But by just trying to change the angle we see stuff, acquiring different attitude with continuos believe, we might change them and might make them achievable. I will reveal a little more about it by writing the folowing line:

– …There are two types of people; winners and losers. Winners are those who never give up and losers are those who never try…

Try to figure it out which movie I am talking about and if you find time, do watch it. You might not like it, neither it might get into your 5 favourites, but it certainly can change your perception on who you are and what you really want. It is amusing and sad in the same time. So is life. Live it…M

Picture of Hope

Few months ago I wrote about my adopted stripy stunner. Few days ago I wrote about hope. And this photo taken by WWF sums it all up…M


Stripy Stunner

This morning, among my other letters in the post, I have received a report from WWF. This is the first update of 2012 about my adopted tigress Kamrita. She is a Bengal tiger and lives in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The Chitwan National Park apparently covers an area of around 932sq km. Being responsible for this vast area is really a challenge to rangers, who have a lot of ground to cover. Also, they are faced with the biggest challenge ever, to stay vigilant against the ever present threat of poaching.

In this issue of my tigers report, there are beautiful photos posted of Kamrita and her 3 years old daughter called Ranu. These pictures were taken by new camera traps carefully positioned across the park. Thankfully to such an equipment I am now able to see these gorgeous looking animals in their natural habitat, living and breeding freely.

However, each and every tiger is rising to the challenge each and every day. It stands little chance against poachers intent on killing it for money.

An excerpt from WWF report says:

“we’ve been stepping up our efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade, and you are playing a vital role in fighting it too. Because as well as helping to give tigers a more hopeful future your adoption also supports our wider work to challenge this huge global problem. We couldn’t do it without you.”

Furthermore, they are sending their sincere gratitude that after 109 months, I am still supporting my adopted stripy stunner and her siblings. This in fact is a gift that I am most grateful about.

My dream will become reality if one day I’ll be able to visit the Chitwan National Park and join the team of rangers with hope to see my stripy stunner live…M

236g of Happiness

If you are making a carrot cake, you might need 236g of grated carrots. If you are making a sand castle, you might need 236g of sand. If you are painting, you might need 236g of paint. To bake a spelt bread, you might need 236g of spelt flour. To make a smoothy, you might require 236g of accai berries. If you decide to make a parfume, you might require 236g of essential oils. So, as you might have noticed, the 236g ought to be a desired quantity of an ingredient to create something beautiful. And yes, beautiful can be anything from grain of sand to droplet of milk, depending on how you see it.

In my own world, 236g is the weight of one dirty nappy. Yesterday, there was a surprise in my little family, as we broke our record. The haviest and most soaked up of all so far. It is kind of scary to believe that these 236g has contributed to my happiness. Earlier, I would have never thought that I would be recording all the dirty nappies in 24 hours, not elsewhere, but on the chalk board in the kitchen, believe it or not! To add to this, never would have believed to use my kitchen weighing scale to weigh dirty nappies either.

And not to mention that I eagerly check the content of each and every nappy, and openly talk about it, even write about it. I never thought I will spend minutes analasing closely what colour and what consistency it might be. Is it yellow or mustardy yellow? Is it green or pale green? Is it runny, or quite soft and creamy? I am sorry this might sound like a poo connoisseur, but checking that the much awaited content is producing sweet honey like smell is equally important, then just judging by it’s colour.

As you might have gathered, my world has truly changed and what was once easy and pretty much straight forward lifestyle, it has become complex and most definitely weird. Truthfully, I can not wait to see how many more crazy and bizzare things will lighten up my days to come…M

A String of Pearls

There was a woman coming to my class, week after week wearing a necklace made of fresh water pearls. Each time when she moved her body, those beautiful round stones were reflecting the light in the most mesmerising colours of the rainbow. While teaching, I cought myself few times looking and admiring this beautiful string of pearls.

Once, it happened suddenly, without any warning sign whatsoever. As I gave an instruction for every one of us graciously to move from one asana to the ‘warrior’, and when we all simultaneously exhaled our negative energies out, the woman’s pearls went flying high up in the air towards the ceiling, spreading out across the room, bouncing off the floor and eventually landing elegantly occupying every corner of the studio. We all stood still in our ‘warriors’, frozen in time, surprised and fascinated in the same time. Nevertheless, we become amused by the whole event and overwhelmed by the pearls moving rapidly and freely, falling onto the wooden boards, bouncing off several times creating enchanting sound until each and every one came to a full stop.

I have never imagined this ‘warrior’ asana to be so mystical, so powerful, to hold such a hidden energy of distraction. Infact, I have never imagined it to have such a control over people and events, feelings and thoughts with intention to make them change. Its power had a will to liberate these gems from the cord of formality, allowing them to once again be part of the whole.

Now every time I teach ‘warrior’ I remind myself of those beautiful pearls and their symbolic meaning that we humans love to put nature into a controlled environment. However, soon or a later, natural forces are fighting back, expressing their power, their suppressed energy at the most unexpected time and place, leaving us fascinated almost hypnotised….If I may to compare these pearls with volcano eruptions, tornados and tsunamis randomly appearing around the globe, one can not but notice that these great forces of nature innevitably are happening for a reason, to put an end to an existence of something made long time ago, something stale, something no longer interesting, with the intention to evoke the beginning of the end… M