Bang Bang

A black and white island of peace and tranquility! A place where one can feel safe and protected.

One rainy afternoon in November, just around dusk a couple decided to cross a street in the old town, which pulses with chaotic energy that is utterly perplexing. It was a busy crossing, and the rain made it more difficult to see ahead. It was possible to see nothing but drops of water, dimmed lights, umbrellas, ponchos and wipers, moving fast to clean the windshield of the cars. It was also possible to hear nothing but the rain drops falling on the ground and wipers rubbing itself against the glass. An umbrella was held by a man who offered shelter to a woman holding a bouquet of flowers. They were talking while crossing the street. One step ahead, and a black line crossed, then a white one, then a black and another white, and a further black and a scream and a car driving over the woman!

Eventually the driver was forced to stop the car. His face was cold, absentminded, pressed against a mobile phone. Thick moustache covered his top lip, which made it tremendously difficult to lip read his words. He was angry, his face turned red instantly, while he waved his hand across the glass giving sign to people in front to clear the street. In a moment the man on the street walked towards the car to open the driver’s door. His intention was human, full of care and pure. His desired outcome was to stop the driver driving off and face the consequences of his actions. When he opened the door, he become frozen in time. All the noise around him, every drop of rain, every light above him, become so blurred, so distant. He felt all alone, so small and insignificant. He looked up and brought his hands forward in a prayer in front of his chest. There was a silence followed by a bang bang…The driver shot him down…He hit the ground…bang bang….that awful sound…

After all, It should have always been black and white… However, it is never black and white…Destiny has its own set of colours; painting generously blood red over the zebra crossing embellished with colourful petals…M

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