Tears of the Giraffe


He is tough, he is agressive, he is full of life. Always protective and excessively ambitious. He brought his family over few days ago. Instead of cheer, he brought unwelcome news to me. His eyes have seen and his ears have heard what he should not have witnessed. I could see his face had become older in the past months. He knew things are unpleasant, however, never thought they would get truly unbearable to handle. He brought sadness with him, disappointment, worry. Although he was always the one who knew how to help one get better, he stood helpless in front of me. He felt ashamed, powerless, heart broken. He did not have anything to say. He shook his head in disbelieve. He could not control them any more; tears rolled down his cheeks.

He took my hands and kept them between his for long. I could feel the energy warming up my hands, sailing through my arms right inside my heart.

He gave me a warm ‘jungle’ drink, which will allow me to become stronger. So he said. While I was drinking, he was looking around; the mountain view was breathtaking. The air was crisp, bringing a much wanted clarity. Engrossing every bit of the surroundings, he breathed a sigh of relief…He mentioned a name but I did not hear him well. Instantly he got quite distant. I could not see his face clearly anymore. He stayed as a black silhuette in the distance. My limbs become numb, my lips were cold, my eyes stayed shut and all I could feel was the warmth inside me…M