Time is slowly bringing my precious day closer. Each morning I wake up questioning are you going to meet me today? Will today be that special day? Will today reveal the moment when we see each other and exchange a smile?
Day goes by and no sign of you…Anticipation is growing, adrenalin is moving with urgent haste and patience thinning slowly.

I don’t want to wait, confused of how you will feel, imagining what you will look like. Will your eyes be smoky green, your hair wavy or maybe you will have dimples on your cheeks…It is just a torture thinking about it. But how could I not think about you when I can feel every move you make, every kick, every hiccup you have, we share the air we breathe and nutrients we eat. We share the same thoughts and energies and we live in the same vibrational world.

You are the world that my mind is spinning around…My little precious one…M